Change a life Bwindi Women of the Month

 At Change a life Bwindi, we believe that the change we need to see in this world begins with raising a powerful girl child.

This involves equipping them with the tools they need to navigate this journey called life. The best tool there is Education.

Below are a few profiles of Girls on our scholarship program.

Meet Leaniet Nasiima, a 13-year-old Primary Seven pupil under our scholarship program.

Nasiima dreams of being a nurse so she could treat sick people who have no money.

Her family grows Irish potatoes for a living, an activity in which she actively participates.

We asked her what she would do if she was president of Uganda. Her reply;

“Very many people are suffering. If I was the president my (main) aim would be to help those with nothing.”

Caroline Amperenza

Caroline is a 10-year-old jolly beautiful girl, full of life who is currently in her Primary Two.

When we asked what her dream was, she softly told us that she wants to be a nurse.

“I want to help my community in all possible ways and being a nurse will give me more grip to give a hand to many people.”

Amperenza added that it will also fulfill her everyday dream.

For 18-year-old Immaculate Natukunda, life is all about not giving up and she is a living testimony to that notion.

The fact that her father disappeared when she was still a young child has not hindered her progress and neither has the fact that she wasn’t able to complete even Primary school level where she dropped out in Primary six.

Natukunda joined our tailoring class to attain the skills that will help her look after her family.

“I needed to make a forward leap in life, look after my 3 siblings and my dear aging mother,” she said.

She is part of the class that is about to finish its course.

“After the training, I hope to get a sewing machine of my own which I will use to support my family,” Natukunda says, her face barely managing a smile but full of determination.